Study Skills For Stressed Students

Having efficient and productive study skills is the best way to achieving the highest grades with the minimum amount of stress and worry.

The purpose of this website is to help you enhance and enjoy your academic career by developing a better way of going about your business. Academia should not be something you suffer and struggle through, it should be something that stimulates you and something that you enjoy.

You can lift the burden with better study habits, improved time management and productivity as well as practicing stress relief techniques.

This is particularly important if you are the type of person who normally has just two main modes of operation:

  • Working hard and extremely stressed; or
  • Doing nothing and very relaxed.

Mellow Study is about equipping you to operate in a new mode. One where you can work smart while remaining very relaxed at the same time.

You cannot expect top grades if you are lazy, make excuses or feel you are entitled to success without sacrifice. You still have to put in the effort. You have to be responsible and the buck must stop with you. But you can work more efficiently, optimize your productivity and lead a low stress and enjoyable academic life.

This website teaches you:

  • Study skills: how to learn and study at your most efficient.
  • Time management and productivity: how to make best use of the limited time you have.
  • Student stress relief: how to keep calm and in control even when the pressure comes on.

The areas of your life this will help you improve are:

  • Exam Grades: Improve your performance.
  • Social Life: Have more time for doing the things you love.
  • Future Success Potential: Personal development skills learnt now will pay off in your working life.
  • Stress Levels: Lead a more peaceful, relaxed and energetic life.